Business and Corporate Events

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Yes, you have the Santa Claus with experience for your business and corporate events or company Christmas party.  Santa Randy has done many events from after Thanksgiving Sales promotion to Sales promotion tied to raising food for the local Food Bank or other charities.  Let him hand out bonus checks with his wonderful Santa Claus joy and a quick photo that helps employees remember the event for years to come.


With his background of being a customer service trainer, you will know your customers will be secure with this Santa Claus representing your business and you won’t have the “crazy craig’s list santa” harming your image.  Randy has his image and your business in mind when he works at any Business Event.

Like this testimonial:

We hired a “crazy craig’s list santa” and we fired that Santa.  The next day we contacted Santa Randy and our business has been working with him for the last 3 years.

Karen G.  

Plus, don’t forget your marketing with your customers. Santa Randy has accompanied sales personnel delivering a holiday gift or new product that has been a hit for other businesses. Or Santa in July to market Summer or Upcoming Events.  He would love to be a part of your business marketing like he has done with others in the Greater Seattle area and maybe Mrs. Claus also.