Santa from Seattle works in England, UK

Top Santa in Seattle is requested to appear in United Kingdom three times during July.  During a visit to England, Santa Randy is requested to be Santa to help advertise 3 different businesses. He seems to be taking the Northwest Santa Internationally.  One of the business that had Santa Randy appear was Dartmoor Electric Bicycles!

Santa’s Motorcycle

Northwest Santa is riding a Motorcycle.  Yes, it looks like a 1927 Triumph model W.  However it is brand new and made in the US, in fact in Indiana. When Santa is not riding, it will be prop in an upcoming studio. It is a Janus Halcyon custom made for Santa Randy.

Speaker at NORPAC Santas Workshop

 Speaker at Workshop

Santa Randy was a Main Speaker at NORPAC Santas workshop with Santa Clauses attending from British Columbia to Californa.  Santa Randy help trained new and experienced Santas to be better Santas.  In fact, he has been getting calls from Santas for more help.



Santa’s Vintage Electric Bicycle

Santa's Bicycle is Electric

If you think you see Santa Claus on his bicycle; you're RIGHT!  Santa Randy rides an electric bicycle made by Vintage Electric. E-Bikes are the new hipster method of getting around; to rests his reindeer!e-tracker-head

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