About Santa Randy's Experience

Randy is a second generation Santa and Firefighter following is father’s footsteps in both careers.  Santa Randy started, like his father, doing free events in all the communities and areas he has lived in, all around the Pacific Northwest.  Then, like other great Santa’s his beard became whiter than his natural color.

Father with Boy

Santa Randy’s Father as Santa, the first generation. Since the whiting of his beard Santa Randy has been doing events from the foot of Mt. Rainer to the shores of the Puget Sound.  Bringing joy to young and old with his naturally jolly soul; just like he would entertain his family as a young child.  To this day, his friends always laugh when he stops walking and does a little jig.   Just like the one he does has Santa Claus. But, what brought out this ablity to act as a Santa and grab the attention of a room full of people?

As a young boy Randy, was a very shy little boy that never talked to people.  His father, Al Cook was always able to take a stage and hold a group in the palm of his hand.  Knowing how his son could entertain close family members, he thought of way to include his son.  The senior Santa thought they should be big and little clowns at community events to help his son. It worked.  All dressed up with make-up young, Santa Randy was able to come out of his shyness.  In fact, it was a little too much,  he became the class clown.  Which, became helpful later in life.  But, before becoming the Santa that he is now, some life needed to pass.

Santa Randy has had a very interesting life with careers from a professional artist to a vocational teacher in a public school.  After completing college with degrees in art he tried teaching in High School and at a University, not finding interest in teaching.  So, taking his career at risk, he became a very successful artist with a staff helping him create his work.  The love of being creative was the motivation to be an artist. Much like, how wonderful and creative he is with his performance as Santa Claus.  With more work as an artist he found creativity was replaced with business duties to keep the studio open.  He had been volunteering as a Firefighter in his community and decided to take the exam to be a professional Firefighter. However, that was not the end of his journey.

Santa RandyRandy enjoyed the duties of a firefighter and the teamwork in very dynamic environments much like his father did. That is maybe why he loves the lively skills and self-motivation needed as a Santa Claus.  Helping and caring for others in a full service fire department was very fulfilling.  Because of family needs he had to retire.  But, Randy was still wanted to help others.

So, Santa Randy returned to teaching in a public high school as a vocational teacher helping students learn the skills to be employable.  He was able to work with his inner class clown and help them find employable skills.  At this time he started once again playing Santa Claus as a volunteer with a fake beard at school events like he had in college to make a little extra money.  The fake beard while in college was the standard for a Santa, like now having a real beard is the standard of a great Santa, like Santa Randy is.

Now, with his full time white beard Santa Randy is ready for any event, all over the Puget Sound; Seattle, Kent, Renton Des Moines, and all of King County.  Also, in the South Sound; Olympia, Lakewood, DuPont, Tacoma, Puyallup, Bonney Lake, and all of  Pierce County.